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Austyn Dining Table

These dramatic, handcrafted baluster legs make the Austyn table the perfect statement piece for your space what ever your situation.

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We use quality hardwoods sourced locally here in Mississippi as well as throughout the southeastern United States.

Red Oak - Beauty and durability combine in this classic and economical hardwood option. Works best with dark stains.

Ash - This is one of the most durable woods we use, which makes it a great option for families with young kids. It features a uniform open grain pattern which gives your finished piece tons of texture, depth, character and beauty. It typically stains just a tad lighter than most of our other woods across our color options.

Maple - This closed grain wood is perfect for those who want something a bit more subtle. It is the hardest wood we use and is less "grainy" than our other woods. Due to its closed grain nature maple tends to stain much lighter than our other hardwood options.

Walnut - This is one of our premium option. Walnut is an easily recognizable elegant hardwood due to its natural dark brown color and its unique grain patterns.

White Oak - This is our most premium wood option. It is among the most durable of the woods we use and unique grain features and its intrinsic properties make it one of the highest grade wood options available for making furniture. It has the best stain (Note: Due to White oak's high cost which varies widely throughout the year we ask that you message us to inquire about current pricing).

We finish a hardwax oil which offers great protection and brings out the naturally beauty of the wood. It comes in 3 sheens - matte, low-Satin, and low-gloss.

Fulfillment, Pick Up/Delivery & Return Policy

Fulfillment - We work very diligently to meet the estimated lead times given at the time you place your order. We will keep you up to date on our progress as we work to craft the perfect pieces for your space.

Pickup - We will arrange pickup with you the week before your order is set to be complete. Pick up in Saltillo.

Delivery - We offer delivery within a 130 mile radius of Tupelo, MS for an additional fee.

Returns - If your furniture does not meet the quality standards as defined on our FAQ page, we will replace or refund your pieces.

Seating and Space Guidelines

As you look to purchase a table to fit your friends and family within your space there are a few dimensions that are important for you to consider. Generally speaking, the following guidelines hold true. You want to allow for at least 24” per person in a casual setting and up to 30” per person in more formal settings. So...

A 5ft table will seat up to 6 people.

A 6ft table will seat 6-8 people.

An 8ft table will seat 8-10 people.

A 38” wide table generally allows for people to seat on both sides of the table while still allowing for small to medium sized serving dishes or decorations in the center of the table.

A 42” wide table allows for ample room for larger sized serving dishes and decorations to fit in the middle without over crowding the table.

Room Dimensions:

You should allow for at least 3ft or 36” of space around every edge of the table for walking space and for chairs to move in and out comfortable. Thus for a 5ft x 38” table you’d want your room to be at least 11ft long and 74” wide. For an 8ft by 42” table your room would need to be at least 14ft long and 78” wide.

Care Instructions

Our tops are finished with a hardwax oil that is long lasting, water resistant and can be easily cleaned with a damp rag. Harsh chemicals and soaps should be avoided. Tougher spots can be cleaned with the following cleaner available from the manufacturer.

Because the finish is oil based, it may need to be rejuvenated on occasion using this product. This will restore the vibrancy and the sheen. The process is simple, and straightforward.

While this finish is extremely durable and stands up extraordinary well to normal use and wear sometimes life happens. Thankfully should anything happen to your furniture that requires refinishing the original finish can be easily reapplied.

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Who Are We?

We are a husband and wife team in Saltillo, Mississippi committed to meeting all of your custom modern farmhouse furniture needs. Click here to read our story.