Our Story

We are a husband and wife team, walking side by side as we raise our family, grow in our faith, conduct our ministry, and build our business to the honor and glory of God. We don’t always get it right, but we wouldn’t want to share this walk with anyone else!

Most people around here (Northeast Mississippi) recognize that we are not from here the moment we open our mouths. We are proud Texas transplants and equally proud Mississippi residents. Our roots may be in Texas, but Mississippi has become our home.

Our Faith

The most important facet about us is our faith. We are sinners saved by God’s grace, striving by His power to shine His light and love in our interactions and opportunities. While we often fall short, this goal is what propels us forward in all we do. 

Our Fellowship

We moved here nearly six years ago to pursue the next stage in our church ministry when Trey agreed to be the pulpit minister at the Northeast Church of Christ in Tupelo. The congregation immediately took us in as family and made us feel at home. So much of our life is bound up in the amazing, committed, loving community that we have the pleasure of working and worshipping with.  We encourage you to come visit us or check us out here. Fellowship with our church family is one of our key commitments and passions and thus the importance of the fellowship ideal is one driving forces which inspires both the furniture we craft and the communities we hope to help create with them. 

Our Family

We have three beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted children each with their own unique, BIG personalities. They are the reason for so much of what we do. We are both honored and humbled to live life alongside them, to lead them, and to learn from them along the way. As an homage to our children and their personalities, we have named several of our furniture styles after them.

Our Furniture

While we long had an interest in modern farmhouse home decor and furniture design (thanks Chip and Joanna!) and had often tossed around the possibility of starting a furniture business, that dream did not become a reality until two years ago. When we moved from our house in Guntown to the one in Saltillo we had to sell much of our furniture that we weren’t planning on taking with us. One of those pieces was our long farmhouse dining table, the first Trey had ever built. While we loved that table, it just wasn’t going to fit into our new space. So, Trey built us a new round table and we sold our long table for a modest profit. The couple who bought it asked if we could make a bench to go with it, which we gladly did. They then had a friend who wanted a bench built as well. At this point we figured we might be on to something and so we started an LLC and have been growing our nice little side hustle ever since. Over the last two years we have grown immensely in our techniques, have upgraded to some of the highest quality tools, have developed relationships with other woodworkers, makers and small business owners and, above all, have nurtured a passion for making high quality modern farmhouse furniture.

Our Fajitas?

Have you ever played the game one of these things is not like the other?  Did we mention we are from Texas? We do miss our Tex-Mex! Since moving here, Mexican food just doesn’t hit the same (If you know, you know. No disrespect to North Mississippi’s fine Mexican food establishments). And so, while our number one goal is to help people come to know Jesus, we have often joked that our number two goal is to help native Mississippians appreciate true Tex-Mex fajitas. Between Jordan’s perfectly cooked homemade flour tortillas, fresh salsa, and freshly shredded cheddar cheese and Trey’s carefully marinated and perfectly seared mouthwatering skirt steak we have been able to bring small piece of our roots and plant it here in our new home in North Mississippi. Why do we tell you this? Maybe we’ll open a fajita truck someday?! But the real reason is this: We’d love nothing more than to sit around with you at your new custom farmhouse dining set, enjoy one another’s fellowship, and talk about one another’s faith and family. We’ll bring the fajitas!