Wood Selection

We work with a variety of locally sourced, expertly processed, American Hardwoods. We’ve got options for every style, circumstance, and price point!


Poplar: Is a tight grained pine alternative that is superior to pine in every way. It is our most economical option and can be finished in a variety of colors. It is also our go to material for our painted bases. 

Red Oak: Our most popular wood selection. Beauty and durability combine in this classic and economical hardwood option.It features a uniform open grain pattern which gives your finished piece tons of texture, depth, uniformity and beauty. It receives stain very well which makes it the perfect choice to meet your color needs.

Ash: Shares many of the qualities of red oak but with its added durability it makes it a great option for families with young kids. 

Walnut: This is our premium wood option. Walnut is an easily recognizable elegant hardwood due to its natural dark brown color and its unique grain patterns. It character is unmatched which is why it is our favorite to work with. You absolutely must see it for yourself!