Table Sizing Guide

Don’t know what size table to order? We’ve got you covered!

There are really two questions to ask when considering table size: 1) “how many are you wanting to seat?” and 2) “what size is my room?” The answer to these two questions will tell you the size and shape table you should get. 

Here are some general guidelines to help you as you answer these questions:

1) The industry standard for spacing per person is at least 24”. So an 8ft table generally can comfortably seat 4 persons on each side and 1 on each end for a total of 10 people. (See exceptions below)

  • Tables with 4 legs  (Ryder, Skinny Ryder, Adelaide, Tupelo taper) may require an additional 12”-18” to the total table length. 
  • If you have extra wide chairs you may need addition space to meet your seating needs. Our chairs are typically 18-20” wide. 
  • Because bench seating may sometimes allow you to seat people closer together, there may be instances that you can get away with a smaller table. This may be the case for pedestal tables (Bentley, Cynthia, and Hourglass) and some trestle style tables (Laurel).
  • There is, of course, no issue with allowing more than 24” per person if you desire as long as your room will accommodate the increased size.

2) The industry standard for clearance around each side of the table is a minimum of 3ft. So for an 8ft by 3ft table you’d ideally want your room to be at least 14ft long by 9ft wide. 

3) Square tables are the best option for square or nearly square spaces. 

4) Round tables allow you to maximize seating in small spaces.